Managing finances is not just about managing money.

What good is earning a high rate of interest if you don’t use it for something that interests you?

Living an enriched life isn't only about making riches.

Not only can finances be confusing, the times we need to consider them are usually when our lives are the most complicated.

Providing sound advice isn’t an act of the mouth, but of the ears.

We are advisors, planners and portfolio managers, but most importantly - people. Here, we keep a clear vision of what is truly meaningful to you and we provide the power and freedom to concentrate on what matters in life, not just financial matters. Would you like to talk?

Setting your course.

You’re an adult now. Now what?

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Expect the unexpected

How dollars and sense play a role during the good and bad.

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Work and life. The great balancing act.

Making the most out of the life you’re making.

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Free time is anything but free.

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Leaving a lasting legacy.

Distributing finances and personal possessions.

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Setting the stage for every stage in life.

While it’s a natural fact that we are born and will pass, life is anything but a point A to point B endeavor. There’s a whole alphabet of twists, turns, detours and yes, even dead ends that we’ll encounter on our journey. Yet whether good or bad, there’s one trait these experiences have in common… they all have financial implications. From the things you’ll plan in advance to the ones you’ll never see coming, it’s our mission to be there to see you through every one of them.

Envisioning Your Goals: From chaos to clarity.

Legal documents. Prospectuses. Bank statements. Investment portfolios. Tax records. Keeping track of your financial past is hard enough, let alone knowing how to use that information to chart a course for your financial future. At Hogan Financial, we believe that the best way to envision a lifetime of living well is to create and maintain a clear and accurate financial picture. And one of the best ways we created to do this involves, well, an actual picture. At the beginning of every relationship, we sort through all the documents and information about your finances and visually chart them out for you to see. This then becomes an ever evolving, living document tracking how you are doing and freeing you to live your life to the fullest.


Ideas to inform and inspire.

Here we have gathered information drawn from the actual work we do with clients. You’ll see such topics as finance, taxes, retirement planning and investment management through the lens of what real people actually care about—their own personal hopes and dreams, navigating various life transitions, and understanding the world around them. As avid readers and writers who like to share things we find engaging, we’re always updating this section. So feel free to browse around now, join the conversation yourself or come back later.