For Those Who Have Time

Ever since I began in this profession, I have enjoyed learning. Some of our clients join us because they don't have time to become experts in financial planning, but many others want to learn more. For those who do have the time and the inclination, there are some excellent resources out there. I thought I might share with you some of the ones I have found to be not only insightful, but also easy to read or to browse.

Enjoy them, and if you have a moment, drop us a note to tell us what you think.

Gifts for the Financially Curious

So What Do You Do After You Turn Off CNN? Or Not Your Ordinary Book Report

Dealing with the Unexpected

Vacation Reading Ideas

Navigating Changing Times: A Reading List for Leisurely Summer Days

Change: No One Rings A Bell

Five Books Designed to Reset Your Thinking

Working with Paula Hogan
Working with Paula Hogan
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