What We Do

You can look for a firm with experts, or you can find a place with nice people. But rarely will you discover both under one roof. At Hogan Financial, it’s our job to see our clients through the multitude of financial issues, but it’s our desire to become a trusted partner. So together, we’ll evaluate things like cash flow, insurance needs, income, investments, savings and taxes. We then collaborate to create a path forward that provides you with the freedom and comfort to focus on a life beyond finances. From there, we keep you abreast of how any shifts in the financial markets, government policies and overall economy could impact your security and goals.

Comprehensive financial planning.

  • Specific advice in all areas of your financial life
  • Planning for your current and future financial life stages
  • Advice centered on your values and preferences
  • Assistance in implementing planning decisions
  • Referral to experts in complementary fields
  • Collaboration with your other advisors
  • Assistance with family financial conversations
  • Annual tax recap for forwarding to your tax preparer
  • A web portal for secure exchange and storage of documents and real-time financial information

Portfolio creation and management.

  • Low-cost, globally diversified portfolios composed using asset class “index” funds tailored to you
  • Integration of investment and tax planning
  • Regular performance reporting
  • Portfolios housed with an independent custodian
  • Disciplined portfolio re-balancing and tax management
  • Ongoing investment education

Building and maintaining a partnership.

  • Understanding your values and goals
  • Assistance with family financial conversations and education
  • Integration of career planning with financial planning
  • Help with residence decisions
  • Close, respectful assistance when you are in a personal transition
  • Act as a resource and provide guidance during unpredictable life events
  • Access to expert, personal advice and brainstorming with advisors who know you and understand your situation and concerns

How we get started.

After an initial comprehensive review of your financial life, personal goals, values and circumstances, we’ll have a joint consensus view of your planning priorities, which it will then be our job to drive home to completion at your desired pace.  From this point, we’ll provide information and updates in the manner most comfortable for you—while also being at the ready to respond to any questions or concerns or ideas that you may raise from time to time. Be it by phone, email, video conference, or in-person meetings, it’s our goal to keep the lines of communication open and create just the right amount of interaction to facilitate proactive planning.