Getting to Know Us

All of the members of the team have been hired because of their interpersonal skills, their willingness to learn, and their discretion. In this day and age where so many people are willing to talk about almost any aspect of their lives (and even post it on the Internet), personal finance remains an area that most want to keep private.

We hope you will enjoy getting to know us, but our top priorities are discretion and service.

A lot will depend on our first meeting. For both of us. At Paula Hogan, we spend a lot of time preparing for our meetings, and we find that clients and potential clients aren't sure what to expect or what, if anything, they should do. With that in mind, we have posted the NAPFA Brochure to the left (Working With A Financial Advisor) that gives some great tips on what to expect and how to prepare.

Over time, we develop deep bonds with our clients. When a relationship is built on a foundation of trust, the communication often centers around things like "just catching up" and grabbing the proverbial cup of coffee (even if it is over the phone). But there are always times when a life transition happens suddenly or just looms in the near distance, and the intensity of the communication increases dramatically.

We understand this, we have been through it, and we will help guide you through the situation. In other words, a key part of our job is to be at the ready when you need us.

Financial Planning 101
Financial Planning 101
Financial planning is the life long process of integrating personal values with the management of both human and financial capital for the betterment of self and community.
Life Transitions
Life Transitions
Growing up, getting married, having children, planning a child's wedding, planning your own retirement... we call these moments life transitions, and each has its own special financial needs.
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