Why We're Different

We occupy a particular niche. We provide concierge financial planning and money management services. The current state of the financial services industry is hard to navigate. You can easily find firms who are expert in money management –but not interested in financial planning, or firms where advisers have good expertise —but operate in a conflicted business model with pressure to sell you products, or firms who are mainly concentrating on growing their business and so won’t provide any service that can’t be commoditized and scaled. We’re different. We pair our close respectful attention to you with credentialed, interdisciplinary expertise.

Fee-only, fiduciary advice.

You’ll have an expert ally by your side, at the ready, working for you and only for you.

“Charging fees” is not the same as being a “fee-only” firm. Fee-only firms, like us, have chosen to be regulated as fiduciaries all of the time, not just sometimes. We don’t sell products. We don’t pay or receive referral fees. We don’t own part of an insurance agency. We are not part of a big firm with pressure to cross-sell other services. No one but us owns our firm. We are paid only by clients and only by fees which are fully disclosed and visible to the client. Our product is fiduciary personal advice. Period. Some fee-only advisors charge an hourly rate. Others, like our firm, only work with clients on a continuous, retainer basis. We think this retainer fee model works best because we see our services as being in a relationship with our clients, at the ready whenever a planning issue or opportunity arises.

Our life transitions philosophy.

Here to see you through it all.

While it’s a natural fact that we are born and will pass, life is anything but a point A to point B endeavor. There’s a whole alphabet of twists, turns, detours and yes, even dead ends that we’ll encounter on our journey. Yet whether good or bad, there’s one trait these experiences have in common… they all have financial implications. From the things you’ll plan in advance to the ones you’ll never see coming, it’s our mission to be there to see you through every one of them.

Comprehensive planning.

You’ll know where you are, what you need to do, and how to do it.

We know you have a lot of questions about your finances that go beyond portfolio management. We think those questions are interesting and pertinent:

  • How much can I safely spend?
  • Am I paying the right amount of income tax?
  • What is the right amount and kind of insurance to buy?
  • When and how do I take Social Security?
  • When and how do I start a college fund?
  • What do I do when benefit election season comes around at work?
  • How do I buy a house and make good use of the equity in my home?
  • How do I make a charitable gift that is both effective and tax-efficient?
  • And, yikes, how do I organize all those financial records at home?

Depending on your life stage, you may also be keenly focused on figuring out how to:

  • Prepare your children for financial independence
  • Help your parents navigate old age
  • Take the next steps in your career
  • Make thoughtful use of an inheritance
  • Recover from a personal loss
  • Plan for your own retirement.

At the beginning of every relationship, we gather information about all aspects of your finances and chart them out for you to see. This then becomes an ever evolving, living document that can easily be adjusted at any time to make sure you’re able to stay on track and live your life to the fullest.

Tailored portfolio management.

You’ll enjoy low-cost, professional management tailored to you, with hassle-free implementation.

We know that as an individual investor today you have unprecedented and probably somewhat uncomfortable responsibility for ensuring your own long-term financial safety.

Wow. We think that’s nuts. Why do we think people will be expert in their own fields–and also able and willing to safely manage their investment portfolios as well?

As financial economists Zvi Bodie and Robert Merton have quipped: We don’t give patients a brochure and a scalpel when they need surgery. Nor do we expect car owners to know what happens under the hood of their car when they press on the gas. Yet we expect ordinary people to know how much to save, and then in old age, how much to withdraw from their investment accounts.

At Hogan Financial, we also get a lot of questions about asset class investing. The best way we can explain it is that asset class investing signifies investing via “index” mutual funds or funds that represent an entire “asset class”. In the past, people assumed that market timing and stock picking were effective investment strategies. For us, that idea went out the window in the 1990s when individual investors first began getting access to asset class (or “index”) mutual funds. Index mutual funds mirror the whole market or whole market segments for a very low cost. They deliver the risk and return of a whole asset class instead of relying on someone to guess which investments will be the next high performers.